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Tips for the Safe Burning of  "Turf Fire on a Stick"™  Irish Incense

1. Never leave burning "Turf Fire on a Stick"™  Irish peat incense unattended.

2. Make sure ashes are dropping onto the ash catcher as it may stain furniture.

3. Do not touch the burning end of the lit Irish incense stick as it may burn your fingers.

4. Be sure to snuff out the "Turf Fire on a Stick™  Irish incense after the desired level of ambient aroma has been reached or once the Irish Peat has been burned completely.

5. Most homes and apartments are adequately ventilated to burn "Turf Fire on a Stick"™ safely. However, it is not recommended to burn Irish peat incense in small contained spaces as it may cause elevated levels of CO2 to collect.

6. Not for consumption. Although some styles of our Irish incense sticks are gently scented with aromatic oils and resins, these are not to be ingested.

7. Keep out of reach of children.

** As the "Turf Fire on a Stick™  Irish incense is made fresh, there will be some turf settling at the bottom of each bag of Irish Peat incense. Do not remove loose peat from the bag. Close up tightly and Discard with the bag. Each stick will also look different from the others. However, all will burn with the same aroma.

**Sarah Maguire's Cottage Scents is not responsible for injury or damage caused by unsafe burning, or improper extinguishing, of our Irish Peat Incense sticks. (See Safety Tips above)


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