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“Turf Fire On A Stick”™ Irish incense w/Heather


“Turf Fire On A Stick”™ Irish incense w/Heather

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BEST SELLER  “Turf Fire On A Stick”™, Irish incense, backed by the gentle scent of Heather on the Hills. Sweet and earthy aroma of a long walk in the fields of Ireland.  Quick to light, easy to extinguish.  There are 8 incense sticks per signature package and each stick burns for at least 1 hr. 

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Read the Tips for Safe Burning Here  or Learn more about Irish Turf Traditions Here

Burn 1 stick at a time for a gentle scent or two or more for a stronger turf fire scent--it's your fire, light it your way!  Directions:  Light the tip of one stick at a time with a match or lighter and let flame for 5 seconds to start the turf burning.  Then gently blow out the flame  and insert the wood end of the stick into a hole in an incense burner.  Enjoy!

   Incense burners sold separately

Handmade by Sarah Maguire's Cottage Scents and Gifts in the USA with turf imported from the bogs of Ireland.


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